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Mens Singles 14th April 2013

Thank you to everyone who was brave enough to play in the first Yorkshire tennis men’s singles competition for 2013 at Wakefield tennis club.  Despite the strong winds and changing weather conditions everyone showed great spirit and competitiveness.

Great demonstration of skills by Joe J., James J., Nick T., Gareth R., Peter H., Alex S., Richard H. and Alex P.

The final, played by Pater Hall and Joe Jeynes, had the quality of a professional ATP game. Both players demonstrated great technique throughout the match. The pressure was on the favorite to win J. Jeynes, who had to defend his high 5.2 rating and 235th position in the UK against the local underdog P Hall, who was clearly playing at a much better level than his 7.2 rating represented.

We saw an outstanding performance with many dramatic battles. Each player was fighting with all guns blazing using their entire selection of shots.  Peter’s kick serve was one of his main weapons as well as the slice backhand. Joe, on the other hand, showed amazing power in his groundstrokes.  In the end, the composure of Peter Hall and his consistent serving prevailed and he won 6.3 6.4. He will have to defend his position at the next event in July, should he wish to retain the trophy.


Thank you to all participants:


Players Profiles: Rating: Membership N:
Joe Jeynes 5.2 101562472
James Jennings 9.1 103402135
Gareth Robinson 8.2 107261848
Nick Tanna 8.2 108673528
Peter Hall 7.2 101361723
Alex Smith 7.2 102393614
Richard Huby 10.2 101496974
Alex Paiva 10.2 104958598


All results in PDF download



The first picture is the winner, Peter Hall