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Junior Tennis Coaching in Wakefield


Welcome to Junior Tennis at Wakefield Tennis Club in 2016


Coach: Mark Gledhill (LTA Qualified)

Telephone: 07889 012 895






Junior Section 2017




Dear Junior Member, new Junior Member (and parents/carers),


Welcome to our newsletter for the coming season and to give you details about membership of the Junior section of Wakefield Tennis Club and coaching which takes place on Tuesday evenings.




Coaching groups will be arranged on the first coaching session on Tuesday 25h April 2017 but come along based on the following guidelines.


1.       4 to 6 year olds                5.15 p.m. to 6 p.m.   (Mini Reds)


2.       7 to 10 year olds           6.15 p.m. to 7.15 p.m.   (Mini Orange)


3.       11 to 16 year olds           7.15 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.   (Mini Green / Yellow)


We may make adjustments to these groups subsequently.




Coaching arrangements will be changing this year. Membership of the club and coaching will be paid separately.




There will be three rates of membership of the club.


Mini Reds will pay £10 for membership only for the season.


Mini Orange and Green will pay £20 membership only for the season.


Juniors with senior playing rights will pay £45 for the season.




Coaching organized this year by Wakefield School of Tennis and run by Mark Gledhill and Dwight Brown, will be paid on a school half term basis.




Coaching runs throughout the Summer starting on Tuesday 25th April with one week off for Spring Bank Holiday followed by Tournaments, singles and doubles for all children in age groups 2 and 3.


A membership form can be downloaded from our website or filled in on the first coaching session and we ask that you give us all your contact details so that you can be texted /emailed in case of bad weather cancellation or with information.


Coaching will continue in light rain.




Our club website has a designated area under Junior coaching where you can find everything enclosed with this letter and more.










We are affiliated to the LTA and Juniors can join British Tennis free. We are allocated Wimbledon tickets according to our membership of British Tennis.Junior members who are BT members and aged 9 and over are eligible to enter our Wimbledon Ticket draw.




(All information received from you will be for club use only and not passed on to any third parties.)


We look forward to seeing old and new members in the new season.




Club chairman




David Burton














For coaching information contact




Wakefield School of Tennis Coaching


Email :




LTA qualified coaches


Mark Gledhill-07889 012895


Dwight Brown-07715 627159