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Blenheim Road    Wakefield

 (Hiring the courts from Wakefield Grammar School Foundation)




Title and Objectives

1. The club titled “Wakefield Tennis Club" is for the provision and facilities for, “and promoting and encouraging participation in”, lawn tennis and other social activities for its members.


2. Membership of the club is open to all the community and without discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, sex, age, or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of playing tennis.


3. The club is constituted by these rules and regulations as a club, which is of a non-profit making nature. All gains or surplus income shall be re-invested in the club and no club assets are permitted to be distributed in cash or kind to club members.


4. The club is affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association through the Yorkshire Lawn Tennis Association and shall adopt and conform to the rules of these organisations in so far as they apply.

Club Officers and Officials

5. There shall be set up the following committees:

  • Executive Committee: comprising of Executive Committee Chairperson, Hon. Treasurer, Club Secretary, and 2 elected members
  • General Committee: comprising of the above elected officers, team captains and tournament director, and as many other members as deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the club.
  • Any sub-committee deemed necessary at the discretion of the Executive Committee or as directed at a general meeting.


6. The management of the club shall be invested in the Executive Committee.

Such management of the club’s affairs and finances to be in accordance with the current rules and regulations herewith.

7. Further to invest in the General Committee the power to make or revise the club’s rules and regulations, as may be deemed necessary from time to time, by a two thirds majority of General Committee members present. Any such changes for the proper administration of the club will then be subject to approval of the membership.

8. The General Committee shall meet regularly with additional meetings as circumstances dictate. At General Committee meetings 5 members will form a quorum, in the event of equality of voting the chairperson shall have a casting vote.


General Meetings

9. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year between September and November.

10. Extraordinary General Meetings can be called at the discretion of the executive committee, or by 20% of the voting members on receipt of a requisition 14 days before the meeting stating the business to be transacted.

11. Any member wishing to include an agenda item at the A.G.M. must send a written copy to the Club Secretary 14 days before the date of said meeting so that provision can be made for its inclusion on the agenda.

12. The business of the A.G.M. be the approval of the minutes of the previous A.G.M.  or any subsequent E.G.M. the consideration of the Chairperson and committee reports. the Treasurer's annual report and accounts, the election of the Executive Committee for the ensuing year, and any such matters, of which due notice has been given, and details included on the agenda. In addition, consideration of the rules and regulations which may be changed by a vote of two thirds of the members present.

13. The minutes of the A.G.M.  shall be available and acceptance of these minutes to be subject to their circulation and approval by members attending the following years A.G.M.

14. Every member is entitled to attend and speak at any annual general meeting and if over the age of 18 entitled to vote. In the event of equality of voting the chairperson shall have the casting vote.

Classification of Members

15. The club will have the following classification of membership all of which shall be annual except the Honorary Members whose membership is for life.

  • Full club membership
  • Over 60 membership
  • Student membership
  • Junior membership
  • Life membership
  • Social membership

16. The club will have the following joint annual membership.

  • Family Membership (in accordance with the club's current policy).

17. Application or reapplication for membership will be accepted under the club’s open policy for membership (see policy). However the individual's acceptance as a member, is by agreement of the Executive Committee. Also, if their standard of play is not yet at a level for general club play, they shall be encouraged to undertake coaching to improve their game.

Membership Dress Code

18. Tennis must be played in recognised tennis clothing and correct non-marking footwear. Tracksuits and jumpers or sweatshirts may be worn in inclement weather. In cases of dispute a decision by an Executive Committee officer will be final. The dress code applies at all times to all members and guests.



19. Subscription rates and other fees will be recommended annually by the Executive Committee and approval sought from the membership.

20. Subscriptions shall become payable (including the Early Bird rate) in accordance with the club's subscription policy. Any member not paying by the agreed dates, will not be entitled to privileges of membership or be included in the Wimbledon draw for ticket allocation as they will be deemed not to be a member of the club. Dates when different rates of membership apply can be found on the current membership application form. Members will be asked to sign on the membership form to accept that they will abide by the rules of the club as described in this document and in more detail in the membership booklet and club website.


Suspension or Expulsion

21. The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend or terminate the membership of any member from the club, or to exclude any member or visitor whom it consider guilty of a serious breach of these rules and regulations, or of misconduct or offensive behaviour, including via Social Media to any other member or persons. Any such suspension or expulsion could incur the added penalty of fee forfeiture.

21(a). Any member witnessing misconduct should report this immediately to a member of the Executive Committee so that the matter can be investigated.

22. Any member who has been suspended or expelled from the club will have the right of appeal, after the suspension or expulsion, to an Appeals subcommittee comprising of members of the General Committee. Executive Committee  members may attend this meeting but will be excluded from voting.



23. All members may invite a guest for tennis at the club. Members are responsible for their guest and the members must ensure that the guest adheres to the rules and regulations of the club.

24. All guests must pay a visitor's fee, which will be refunded if and when they make a successful application to join the club.

25. The number of times they play as a visitor will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


Wimbledon Tickets.

26. In accordance with the Rules governing membership of British Tennis, Wimbledon tickets will be allocated by ballot to opted in members in all categories of membership (the exception being of members not aged 8 years or over). The ballot will take place on a date to be announced and the draw will take place in the clubhouse. Successful members will be notified.


Club Liability

27. Members or visitors leaving unattended vehicles, bicycles, tennis clothing and equipment or any other property at the club do so at their own risk. The club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from this or any other cause.



28.  The club shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution, to that effect, at an extraordinary general meeting, and after due notice by at least 60% of the voting members present. Such a meeting shall appoint a committee to wind up the affairs of the club and shall give general directions as to the disposal of any assets. These assets will be applied for sporting or charitable purposes to comply with any legislation i.e. the assets will be given or transferred to another CASC, a registered charity or the sport's governing body.